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» Catalytic Converters

The introduction of Catalytic converters have immensely cut down on the pollution of motor vehicles by reducing the harmful emissions to the environment.  Modern vehicles equipped with OBD2 catalytic converters form a complex emissions control system.  When a vehicle is properly tuned, everything works in harmony, however, when one components fails it could have a major effect of the entire performance of the system, right up to damaging the catalytic converter internals beyond repair.

Our line of easy to install direct fit catalytic converters will get your vehicle up and running quickly. Many vehicles today have multiple converter units, including Manifold catalytic converter or integrated manifold catalytic converters.  These are present in most vehicles today as they are placed as close as possible to the cylinder head to heat up quickly, this results in enhanced efficiency as well as low emisisons. We carry standard grade, OEM grade, and CARB ( California ) / NY approved catalytic converters.  ALL our catalytic converters cores are engineered and made in the USA and assembled in USA or Canada, no imported JUNK !